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Call AAP Now (8683 6878)! Your Top Reliable and Low Price 24hrs Emergency Car Battery Replacement Service in Singapore

AAP prefers BOSCH Car Batteries for Reliability.

BOSCH Car Battery Price by AAP Car Battery
“As a seasoned mechanic, I trust BOSCH as it is the most reliable.” – Bobby Ng, AAP Car Battery 5-Star Mechanic

BOSCH is our preferred car battery not just for it’s brand, but also true reliability on the roads. Our battery change service is inclusive of a NEW car battery with 1-year warranty, onsite replacement fee and diagnostic tests.

5-star mechanic Bobby Ng has joined our team at AAP! Call now for a quick phone consultation to know whether yours is a battery problem.

Are you looking for an emergency car battery service? Or do you suspect that your car’s battery is running out of life, and looking for a change? If your answer is yes, welcome to AAP Car Battery Replacement Services. We are a leading team of car battery servicing experts with years of experience in the industry. We provide specialized high-quality battery replacement services and our reliability makes us a highly recommended service provider.

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Fast And Available 24hr

We have mechanics stationed around the Singapore island and we can react and attend to your car battery problem quickly. Give us a call at our hotline (Mobile: 8683 6878) and our friendly customer services specialist will dispatch the nearest mechanics to you immediately.

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Reliable Car Battery

We use Amaron car batteries for our customers, who is one of the most reputable car battery provider. Their battery is suitable for the Start-Stop engine technology and their premium SILVEN X technology is well known for low corrosion and low maintenance. Amaron battery are available in different type of outputs which fit all types of vehicles.

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Friendly Mechanic

5-star mechanic Bobby Ng has joined our team at AAP! Call now for a quick phone consultation to know whether yours is a battery problem. Our professional mechanics are trained and certified in providing the best car battery replacement services for all Japanese, Korean and Continental cars. Our friendly mechanics are polite and love to share their practical maintenance tips with you in English, Malay and local dialects.

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5-Stars Reviews

Take a look at all the awesome customers feedbacks and ratings on our AAP Facebook page, Twitter fans page and Google business listing page, it is not hard to notice that all AAP customers are happy and relieved to choose AAP as their car battery change specialist.

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Thanks for quick service despite being weekend dinner time and also thorough troubleshooting and explanation of how it works.

Posted by Edmond Ong on Saturday, 20 May 2017

Fast response and very professional

Posted by Amr Eidarous on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My car’s battery totally flat this morning without any signs in the previous days. Got it changed. Good job Andy.

Posted by Agoes Boedi Poerwanto on Wednesday, 12 April 2017

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AAP Car Battery Services

24 Hours Emergency Battery Services

24 Hours Emergency Battery Services on Sat, 1 Apr 2017 @ 8:00pm

Whatever time of day or night your battery fails and you need to change your car battery, we are readily available to assist. We have a fully functional customer service team waiting for your call. Wherever you are, our response team will give you the estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) and immediately start on its way for the emergency car battery replacement. We bring along fresh batteries to make sure you are not stuck on the road again.

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Scheduled Car Battery Replacement

Amaron Car Battery Supplies

Prevention is better than cure. Don’t want to your car battery to go flat on you, when it matters most? Then schedule a car battery change with us for your car batteries every 18 months. This will potentially save you a lot of trouble, especially if your car battery goes flat when you’re on your way to an important meeting or date. Replacing your car battery before it dies, is also safety for your family and loved ones.

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