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If you are looking for a reliable car battery replacement service in Singapore, welcome to AAP Car Battery Replacement Services. We are the city’s premier auto battery service and we boast decades of experience in our technical and management team. We have helped thousands of drivers on the city’s roads with our efficient services and premium batteries. Our strongest asset is our reputation in the city’s motoring industry. If you are looking for a trusted name in the auto industry for all your car battery solutions, get in touch with us today.

We appreciate that car battery problems can occur at the most inconvenient time. Our mission is to get you out of this jam as fast as possible. We provide emergency battery services throughout Singapore any time of day or night. We have a response team waiting for your call and the nearest vehicle will be dispatched immediately. Once you call, we give you a realistic time-of-arrival (ETA) which we strive to stick to. We also enlighten you on what we are going to do once we arrive.

We also work 24/7 to cater for emergency services with the quickest response time, while not compromising being the fastest and most reliable battery replacement services across the city. We guarantee the highest quality of service using premium products in the market, so get in touch today for customized battery solutions that suit your vehicle.

 Who We Are

AAP is an auto company built on a strong foundation of integrity and reliability. These attributes have helped us grow from a small service shop to become one of the most established auto companies in Singapore. We specialize in providing cheap and reliable car battery replacement with tip-top services which are provided by an expert team of auto specialists. Our team is passionate about motoring and we are committed to giving every car owner an excellent driving experience. We stand out from the crowd with our quality battery brands for all car models and strong reputation.

 What We Do

At AAP, we are proud to be the car battery replacement service of choice in Singapore. We provide a diverse range of auto services which are tailor-made to suit your unique needs. Our team is highly experienced in handling all vehicle models on the city’s roads and also offering innovative auto solutions. Some of our modern battery service services include computerized battery diagnosis, premium car battery replacements and on-site car troubleshooting and repairs.

 Why Choose Us

Our technicians are fully certified and licensed mechanics who are factory trained. They undergo regular training on emerging auto technologies to guarantee efficient services in the city. We have invested in a fully-fledged state-of-the-art workshop fully equipped with the latest auto solutions. We also stock the latest maintenance-free batteries for all car models. If you have any battery service concern in the city, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is friendly and always ready to provide the most efficient auto services.

About Bobby Ng, Key Mechanic of AAP

Bobby had been on the police force for 5 years (1991-1995), and during that time he had learned a lot about how to treat people and how to uphold the law. He was a respected member of his community, having helped countless people in times of need.

He often recalled his first day as a police officer (an encik then) – the sense of responsibility he felt, to protect civil rights. In the years since then, Bobby had developed an extensive network of contacts in the community, which allowed him access to valuable information about what was happening on the street.

Bobby Ng Police - AAP Car Battery

After serving the police force, Bobby moved into the aerospace industry and became an aircraft artisan for 17 years (1996-2013). During that time he learned that each customer had their own unique story, requiring him to tailor his services to meet their individual needs. This proved to be quite challenging at times, but it helped Bobby grow as a professional, allowing him to truly understand what service delivery is all about.

He took great pride in being able to provide such helpful advice every day—it was something that brought him joy, knowing that he was making a difference in people’s lives. In addition, his extensive experience meant that he inevitably found himself solving problems more quickly and efficiently than others could.

Bobby SIA Aircraft Artisan AAP Car Battery

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