BOSCH Car Batteries

BOSCH Car Battery Price by AAP Car Battery
BOSCH Car Battery Price by AAP Car Battery. Call now for the best quote.

BOSCH is our preferred car battery not just for it’s brand, but also true reliability on the roads.

Our battery change service is inclusive of a NEW car battery with 1-year warranty, onsite replacement fee and diagnostic tests.

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AMARON Car Batteries

AMARON Car Battery by AAP Car Battery

Inclusive of a NEW car battery with 1-year warranty, onsite replacement fee and diagnostic tests.

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HOPPECKE Car Batteries

HOPPECKE Car Battery by AAP Car Battery

Inclusive of a NEW car battery with 1-year warranty, onsite replacement fee and diagnostic tests.

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Our Latest Customer 5-Star Reviews from Facebook

Was about to go home for dinner and found out the car couldn’t start. Came across Bobby, friendly chap.. reached my car within half an hour. Replaced the battery and also shared some knowledge. Appreciate him despite having dinner with his family, he responded to my call and rushed down to help. His passion for helping others is really commendable.

Posted by Alvin Tern on Thursday, 14 September 2017

Very happy with the battery replacement work done by Bobby. Based on his explanation of the replacement process, he’s a very experienced. Another surprising element is that the overall cleanliness is one of the best ever seen for auto industry.

Posted by Kenny Cheah on Friday, 1 September 2017

In times of emergency, Bobby handled it very well. From Eastern to Western of Singapore, he is committed to his work. Bobby the life saver. I will save his number and will recommend to those who need it.

Posted by Nuruddin Puteri on Sunday, 27 August 2017

Two thumbs up for Bobby for a no hassle, fuss free emergency battery change! My car battery decided to die on me while I was grocery shopping. Called Bobby and he reached my location in 15 minutes! Not only did he replace my battery, he also went the extra mile to check on the condition of my alternator. Thanks again Bobby! Will definitely recommend you to anyone who requires your services!

Posted by Mohamed Yasser on Thursday, 3 August 2017

Attentive, professional, efficient and swift service. Bobby is a fast and diligent worker who obviously loves his trade. He responded to my distress call and arrived within 30mins. He checked the vehicle and explained the problems and resolved the matter quickly. Thank you very much!

Posted by Hui Peng Ann on Friday, 28 July 2017

Can’t help but to give an honest review for the excellent service received. First time experiencing a flat battery. Panicked and searched around for help in the internet and chanced upon Bobby. Called for advice and he took charge of the situation immediately, arriving on time as promised. Was a little skeptical initially as I have heard stories of mechanics taking advantage of the situation to overcharge and all but when I met Bobby, the fears were gone. Did a quick check on the spot and proceeded to advise and replaced the battery. All and all took less than 20 mins. Price was absolutely reasonable for the quick response time and service rendered.
Sincerely compliment Bobby for his patience and professionalism. Can really see his passion for what he’s doing within the short encounter I had. Will recommend anyone with such situations to just give him a buzz to solve the problem with an ease of mind! 50 stars from me!

Posted by Neo Ghim Hoe on Thursday, 27 July 2017

I have tried to Google Amaron for my car battery replacement and I happened to come across AAP by chance. It was the right moment to contact Bobby as his willingness to give me a prompt time to be there for my car battery replacement . It was also a good timing as he is around my neighbourhood. This is my first time engaging Bobby on the car battery replacement as he had done a good job very efficiently. Thanks for sharing with us on the battery tips and your personal experiences. I will definitely come for your reliable services! It is highly recommended

Posted by Carine Han on Thursday, 13 July 2017

Just got my car battery replaced by Bobby. Was on the way back home with my little one when my car engine just went off. First thing in mind, I knew it was the battery problem. But found out there were other issues that needed me to contact my dealer.
Anyways i called another hotline before Bobby’s but no response. Second call was made to Bobby’s and told him what happened. He was efficient enough to come to the rescue within a short period of time! He came and did a check on the battery. He shared with me his knowledge on my previous car battery and all i can say that, this guy knows his work well! He was very professional in handling the situation and if this review allows me to rate 10 stars, i would do so!
Thumbs up Bobby! Thanks for sharing the important tips that even our dealer did not inform us previously! May your business prosper and I would definitely add you to my contact list.
Strongly recommended!

Posted by Lia Hashrin on Thursday, 13 July 2017

About to go out for work, reached the car, started the ignition and heard a weak cranking sound from the engine. Tried a few times and knew the battery was flat. Needed to be out and about for the day and so I google searched. This was about 7 plus in the morning. Called a few up, lines diverted and no one picked up though they were listed as 24 hours. Bobby was the only one who not only picked up the call but listened attentively. After asking a few quick questions, he promised to be at my place in a jiffy.
He reached shortly after and his personality put my uneasiness away. Bobby was all the while guiding me through the steps he was taking, sharing with me his knowledge and helping me feel confident about what he was doing. No airs about him at all. Even when his vehicle seemed to be blocking another from driving out of a parked lot, he was patiently guiding the driver off. Got the battery changed to Amaron and his price point was a good draw. With his agileness and friendly disposition, you can’t really go wrong with this guy. It’s my first time but I’ll definitely be using his services again and recommending it to others. Thanks bro for being professional about what you’re doing. If you’re ever around my area on standby, let’s have coffee or tea on me : )

Posted by William Sheng on Sunday, 2 July 2017

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