We believe that a lot of car owners in Singapore know their car very well and they definitely don’t want their cars to be stalled while they are on the road or in the middle of something important. Hence schedule a car battery replacement service with AAP Car Battery (Mobile: 8683 6878) when your car battery is more than one year old is a wise choice.

You can contact AAP (Mobile: 8683 6878) to schedule a car battery replacement to a place and time where it is the most convenient to you. Our trained mechanics will bring a brand new car battery and all the necessary equipment to check and replace your car battery at your preferred location and time.

All our AAP mechanics are well trained and they will always explain the entire car battery changing process before they begin to work on your car. They will also check to make sure that all your car electronics settings are intact as much as possible when the old car battery has been replaced with the new one.

When the new car battery is in place, our professional mechanics will also double check on your car charging system (the alternator) to make sure that the car battery is operating perfectly and it is in the most optimum stats. Please feel free to ask our mechanics for some car battery maintenance tips to prolong your car battery life and pamper your car, as we love to share with all our customers who are also car lovers just like we do.

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